Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association Video Series | Hard Tellin’

In 2017, we formed a wonderful partnership with nonprofit Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association to tell stories of fishermen and women across the state of Maine. We were fortunate enough to travel all along the coast of Maine to meet these fishermen in their hometowns and film and photograph their stories. From clammers in Harpswell, to lobstermen on Portland’s working waterfront, we heard from an expansive industry the hardships and victories they face on a daily basis.

We continue to use the videos from Knack Factory today. They helped us achieve more advocates, donors, and a larger audience. And, working with Knack Factory was easy. I had no problem calling fishermen and asking if [KF DP] Thomas could come to film them because I trusted him completely. Having been recorded in the past, I know sometimes cameras and crews can be rather obtrusive and curate authenticity, but Knack Factory was not this way all. Alex Steed is also very knowledgable about creating content and understanding audiences. He’s also willing to think outside the box and try something different, rather than going the ways of the textbook technique.
— Monique Coombs, Director of Marine Programs
Knack Factory