Knack Factory is a creative agency specializing in video production to help your brand stay current, stay relevant and most importantly stand out. We are strategic architects of creative pursuits, waiting to tell your story.

Every project is tackled from all angles by our highly-skilled community of creative collaborators. There is no job too big or small (or crazy or weird or impossible) to elevate your brand or business to the next level.


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Hey, have you seen that video?

Whether you’re looking to break the internet with the next viral cat video or produce a professional commercial… we can do that - from conceptualization to post-production.


Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Lucky for you, we take a lot of pictures– high-quality ones for commercial or personal use.


Is there a creative / director / illustrator / animator / producer / writer in the house!? 

Yes. All of those are here, in our house. We are producers, photographers, designers, art directors and strategists.