New Workshop: How to Write for an Online Audience

Join international writer and editor Elisa Doucette as she dives into this scary-until-you-learn-it world of online writing so that you can break down the myths and misinformation and get to better content as soon as tomorrow morning.

June 18
6 - 7:30p

Writing is an everyday part of adult life.

We write emails, we write memos and proposals, we write status updates, we write resumes, we write in journals, we write a lot.

And we know that to build an audience, platform, or brand (for ourselves or our business) we should be writing more.

But how do you take all those day-to-day writing tasks and translate that into content for an online audience?

This workshop will help you to:

  • Better understand your audience

  • Find topics that resonate and leave your readers eager for more

  • Figure out what you want to say, and how you want to say it

  • Make your writing more scannable

  • Create content that Google and search engines will E-A-T up

Your $5 fee for entry will be donated to Maine Youth Leadership.

Afterward, partake in the noms and sips (adult and otherwise) provided by Knack Factory to continue the creative conversation with everyone who will also be brimming with new ideas and possibilities.

Come Prepared!

A pen and notebook for scribbles and notes - we will have wifi available and you can bring your laptop, but there will be no tables, and the workshop moves at a fast pace (so it can be too easy to get distracted and miss something!)

It will help to be familiar with your website or blogging/email platform, and preferably have published at least a few pieces of content

The conversations after the workshop are a great opportunity to talk about what you just learned, how you plan to implement things, and collaborate where possible.

Topic To Be Discussed

  • Know Your Audience

  • Reader avatars

  • Sensational titles and click-bait — what works better and why

Tell Interesting, Yet Informative Stories

  • Know what you want to say and how you want to say it

  • Length of most successful content online

  • Read your content out loud (to yourself, your significant other, your dog, your house plant, etc) before hitting publish

  • Data and information, data and information, people read online articles for data and information

Make Your Content Scannable

  • Embrace White Space

  • Headings and Subheadings (explain H1, H2, H3)

  • Difference between numbered lists and bullet point lists (and why they are so important)

Understanding Google’s E-A-T Algorithm

  • Get braggy

  • Author Boxes and contributor bios

  • YMYL websites

The Best Way to Write a Conclusion

  • Introduce the idea of TL;DR (too long, didn’t read)

Elisa Doucette is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur who currently travels the world looking for great stories to live and interesting tales to share. She has worked for almost two decades creating compelling content and writing for various businesses and publications, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Yahoo! Small Business, The Huffington Post, and The Portland Press Herald, among others including syndicated columns on Maine Today Media and Elisa has appeared as a guest on various radio shows and podcasts, such as The Writing Coach, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and The Chris Hahn Show and also hosts her own podcast for writers and creatives called Writers’ Rough Drafts. You can find her writing at her own site,, and for her brand at, a collective of editors and writing coaches she founded to help professional writers and entrepreneurs make their own words even better.

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