A Hungry Antiquarian and His Love For Food and Drink

"If I'm looking at a book and it wants to tell me as many stories as it can tell me, it's going to tell me the story of the author of the book, the people who compiled it, perhaps even the people who created the recipes that are one step removed or ten steps removed. What happens to that book after it's sold out into the world? It starts to accumulate all the information about who owned it, what they thought of it, what they disagreed with, and then passing it to the next person to start that whole process all over again."

We wanted to spend time with someone who is equal parts insightful and sort of magical. Our friends at Big Tree Hospitality (Hugo's Restaurant, The Honey Paw and Eventide Oyster Co.) inspired us to talk with the great Don Lindgren of Rabelais: Fine Books on Food & Drink. It is safe to say that Don absolutely did not disappoint.