Nicholas Gervin on how to be/become a photographer [interview]


Over at Bangor Daily News, I interviewed Nick Gervin about his his eye, style and approach. Here—in an interview extra, so to speak—he offers some advice to fellow photographers:

I would say just go out there and take photographs and don’t be afraid to take pictures of people.  A lot of new photographers get nervous, but most people that you take photographs of on the street feel special that you see something in them worth capturing. I think that as a photographer it’s important to stay true to yourself, and that takes a little bit of time to figure out. Try and photograph subjects you’re actually interested in, it’s also really important to look at good photographs; don’t look at Facebook photographs, you’ve gotta look at images by people who have mastered the art. There are some really good contemporary photographers, too, but you need to study solid work no matter what. I would say buy photography books, don’t buy gear. Don’t worry about what camera you have, just go out there and make pictures, whether it’s film or digital, it doesn’t matter. Just go out there and you’ll learn by practicing your craft. You’ll most likely have some down times, I have times where I am totally unmotivated to make photos, it sucks. I just went through one, it happens to everybody, but you just gotta push through them.

I don’t even share all of my photos right off the bat. I let my images sit for a while, giving myself time to detach from them. Then and only then can I constructively edit the few solid images I may of made a week or so back.  Remember, photography is a marathon not a fifty yard dash. You should be into it for the long haul, so take your time and enjoy the process.

Check out the rest of the rest of the interview here, and Gervin's website here.

PHOTO CREDITS:Nicholas Gervin