Bunny Wonderland's Haus of Burlesque feat. Lady Luck Burlesque and the Brazen Belles

Once again, we are grateful to Knate / Bunny Wonderland for welcoming us into their beautiful, weird world. Many thanks to the two burlesque troupes, Lady Luck Burlesque of Portsmouth and Brazen Belles Burlesque of Cape Cod for sharing with us what moves them, and helping us shape this into a piece that tells their truths. In addition, the bartender at Seacoast Rep gets a high five for keeping our crew "hydrated" throughout the show.

"Punk Whisperers" Rough Francis discuss meeting their heroes [video]

"Punk Whisperers" Rough Francis discuss meeting their heroes [video]

The last time Rough Franci was in here in Portland (playing SPACE Galler), they were gracious enough to sit down with us and talk about what it's been like to meet their idols. Here Bobby, Julian, Urian and Paul talk hanging out with Ian MacKay, crashing with Jello Biafr, and how they see themselves as "punk whisperers".

Fryeburg Fair Woodsmen's Field Day [photo]

Yesterday we were at Fryeburg Fair’s Woodsmen's Field Day documenting the overall event while focusing on competitor and Unity College graduate Jen Michaud (pictured in the orange sleeveless shirt). Those videos are forthcoming, but you can enjoy these photos in the meantime.

You can find a more robust gallery of images over at our Facebook page.