We love you, Nat May.

Um... We took this photo off of  Tanja Hollander 's Facebook profile because it is amazing. 

Um... We took this photo off of Tanja Hollander's Facebook profile because it is amazing. 

After 13 years on the job, Nat May is leaving SPACE Gallery to pursue other awesome, arty things

It would be impossible to overstate our fondness, admiration and appreciation for Nat's innumerable contributions to our community. For me [Alex] in particular, SPACE was the first next-level arts organization/community I came in contact with as a young adult. And it came just at the right time to blow my mind wide open and inspire in me a hunger for making things and being around others who wanted to do the same. Like many, I've come to see the two as part and parcel. Of course, SPACE Gallery's majesty is made possible by so many people, resources, influences and ideas, but Nat has been such a force as Executive Director that it's psychically difficult to separate the man from the organization. 

Under Nat's leadership, SPACE's existence shaped and inspired me so profoundly—by way of its programming, its role in the community, its staff, and in Nat’s vision and heart—that it is the first thing I think of when I imagine Portland. It plays a role in the majority of my more moving memories from the last decade and a half. It has encouraged me to think and make and be bigger than I may have otherwise happily settled for. It means so much to me that it is where my wife and I decided to get married. It is in my mental, creative and geographic DNA. 

And by extension—as a fruit of its inspiration—we at Knack Factory owe both Nat and SPACE so much. We look forward to following SPACE's evolution—to remain motivated and inspired by its place in this city and state. And we are so excited to see what Nat gets up to next. With so much fondness, love and appreciation, we wish all parties everything that is awesome, lovely and good.