We are so proud to introduce Maine Gift Guide


Maine Gift Guide—an endeavor we have been so excited to develop alongside our great friends at Might & Mainis finally here

In short, Maine Gift Guide is a collection of gifts made in Maine, by Mainers. 

These are some of our very favorite things made by some of our very favorite people. 

Our business is providing creative services for hire to entities of all sizes, in all places. We travel—and virtually travel—for work and for life—much of the time. But we find solace, inspiration, and restoration here, in the state of Maine. We choose to make our permanent homes here. Some of our most satisfying and rewarding professional relationships and collaborations are here and can only be here. We love the smart, clever, down-to-earth entrepreneurs, makers, craftspeople, and adventurers that choose to call this state home. We are grateful for the culture of mutual support that enables small businesses to exist and to thrive here. While what we make every day is fairly intangible (photos, videos, logos, and brand stories) we cannot help but admire the people who spend their days in this place crafting beautiful and substantial things for others to use and enjoy.

For more on why this effort is near and dear to us, check out the About page

Some very quick notes: 

There were so many items that we are updating the list with nearly 100 more items immediately before Black Friday. 

Keep up with all of our updates online. If you're looking for any/all of us online, here we are: 

This would not have been possible without the support of Maine PublicBull MooseAllagash Brewing CompanyRed Thread and Cat Bates Jewelry. Thank you a million times over.

On December 1st we will be having a charity auction that will feature many of the items the vendors listed in the guide have donated to us. We look forward to raising some money for Speak About It, the Frannie Peabody Center and Maine Initiatives' racial justice grant giving programs.

Today we will be on Maine Calling discussing the guide. We hope you will tune in! 

Speaking of upcoming events, our friends at the Rosemont Artists Guild will be hosting a holiday sale at Breakwater Learning on Saturday, December 16th. And one of our very favorite events, PICNIC, will take place on Sunday the 11th at Thompson's Point

And please, if you get a spare minute, please do consider reading our "about" page to get a sense of why we endeavored to do this. We really are quite proud of this effort for a number of reasons. 

With love from everyone involved in this effort,