Professional product photography boosts sales and exposure


Every year I produce a popular gift guide that focuses on Maine made gifts. The list is simply a compilation of product photos made available by shop owners and manufacturers, brief descriptions of the products, and links to where they can be bought. The guide gets a lot of attention—tens of thousands of views—and dozens of producers have been in touch to note documented increases in sales due to its publication. A few years ago, MPBN, the largest public radio station in the state, created a show and event around this list and so its popularity continues to grow.

The exercise, which requires over 20 hours of compilation and formatting, has brought to my attention the power of great product photography.

Most importantly, I overlooked or passed up coverage of products unaccompanied by high quality photos, or photos not readily available to embed. There were a number of occasions in which I was unable to cover a product I hoped to highlight because photos were unattractive, of low resolution, or altogether nonexistent. Those are products that were passed over for at least one opportunity to be projected to a sizable, engaged audience.

Often—especially as opportunities for media coverage that have far reach but reduced production budgets—businesses that have proper and compelling product photography find themselves at an advantage when it comes to attracting attention.

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