Michael Sieben's advice for young creatives: "Start Right Now"

A lot of younger artists, students, photographers, producers and other folks in related fields get in touch to ask for our insights regarding how to make it in these respective disciplines. In the May issue of Juxtapoz artist Michael Sieben attacks and answers that question better than we ever have. This may very well become our go-to quote from now on.

"If no galleries in your area want to represent you, stage your own art shows to get your work in front of people. If you want to be a commercial artist and you can't find any clients, invent your own brand and work on stuff yourself. Who knows, maybe your invented company will become the job you're looking for? [...] Self publish, self promote, self start—if you sit around and wait for somebody to start your career, you're going to be waiting for a long time. Like, till you're dead, dude.

"Every successful fine artist or commercial artist that I know has a back-story that entails a lot of penniless years with blind faith as their prevailing guide. The only common denominator is relentless perseverance and optimism. So if you want to know where to start, the only real answer is not stopping. And honestly, the worst thing that can happen is you spend your life making art without anybody noticing. Which is about a million times more awesome than spending your life watching TV without anybody noticing."

ART CREDIT:Michael Sieben / Juxtapoz