Knack Factory heads to Boston, is destroyed by Chinatown


We recently filmed a video with Thomas and Mariah Pisha-Duffly. In it, they gave us a tour of Boston's Chinatown, where they have personal, professional and family history. We were fortunate to be joined by Jay Loring of Nosh and Slab, John R. Myers of Eventide, and Mike Wiley, who is chef/owner of/at Eventide and Hugo's.

The video will be out in the next couple of weeks, but here we offer some photographic documentation of the endeavor. We began at Gourmet Dumpling House where we met with Jason Doo, who is in the process of opening his own restaurant. We then went to Penang, where we ate with Tom's mother and grandmother, and then we finished the evening under the service of Debbie, "the Multitasking Badass Behind Peach Farm." In between, we stopped to re-hydrate at Drink and Lucky's Lounge.

Many thanks to Dirigo Capital Advisors, which underwrote the production of the video, and to Maine Beer Tours and Baxter Brewing Company for making the journey possible. Special thanks to Tom and Mariah, for being amazing tour-guides. If you have not yet caught their Family Feast series, you are seriously missing out.

Preparation / Gourmet Dumpling House:


Drink / Lucky's Lounge:

Peach Farm: