Knack Factory featured on "Social Social"

Alex was featured in Rob Gould's Social Social column today:

My expression tends toward the heightened and thoughtfully manic, though confidently assertive. Even when it looks like I'm being crazy, I am thinking through my style of message delivery. Sometimes I say inflammatory things explicitly to provoke conversation. I want to see the conversation that comes out of it. There are shades of grey that my more absolute statements ignore and I believe in the validity of those shades of grey, but I'm presenting something in a certain way because by presenting something in that way, conversations happen. I appreciate that. It's as though I am communicating an emotion rather than a steadfast belief. It's the performance of expressing an emotion, an acknowledgment of a moment in time when I'm very emotional. If you are going to assume this style, though, it is important to own your mistakes and apologize when you are wrong. I have had to do this before. I think that in order to be able to successfully navigate all of this you need to be able to admit that you're wrong, apologize right away and be really transparent about that

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