Knack Factory in Atlanta, Georgia


We have had the great pleasure of spending the past couple of days in Atlanta shooting photo and video for a client at Spelman College. The campus is beautiful, the staff engaging and dedicated and the students bright and impressive. It was a particular honor to be able to interview Spelman President Beverly Daniel Tatum. I read her book Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? a number of years back and it made a substantial impact on the way that I understand race. As President Tatum has been interviewed by Katie Couric and has spent time with the Obamas, I was slightly nervous about my performance but we made out alright all things considered.

We were received so hospitably that our experience here has quickly become the gold standard for how we hope for all of our future shoots to go.

An additional bonus, we were lucky to have the opportunity to drink and eat at Empire State South, where the whole of our dinner and cocktails provided a succulent and satisfying end to a fulfilling day of production.