John K. Welsh on the importance of music

"Music is a nice way to connect with other humans. It’s a great way to non-verbally form a connection with people that you may otherwise not have other things in common. You know, in bluegrass there’s a wide variety of political representation across the spectrum. I appreciate that. There’s a lot of ways where we’re sort of sequestered into bubbles. Playing music is one way we’re not. I can go to a jam and become friends with someone and we can form a bond even though we don’t agree on everything. And I think that’s an important thing in our cultural moment. Aside from that, I think it’s a nice way to share time with humans." — Joe K. Walsh

We're huge fans of Joe, both the person and musician. The performer and educator was in talking with us about his role as an instructor at the Ossipee Valley Music Festival String Camp [July 23 - July 27]. He shared with us the following insight on why he believes music is a common and unifying language and then played for us a tune.