Why do we need to produce video as part of our marketing strategy?`


Why video?

Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing

"By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. Leafing through a swathe of statistics on the subject, I'm hard pressed to find any indicator that doesn't suggest rapid growth.

"With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.

Video is the future of content marketing. That is, if it's not the here and now. Various studies show more than half of companies are already making use of the medium – a figure that's predicted to rise as more and more realize the possibilities."

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

"Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website, which is one reason online video is seeing explosive growth. Explainer videos have boomed in popularity over the past year due to their affordability and proven effectiveness in growing a business. This makes explainer videos an excellent marketing tool. Increasing your conversion rates, clarifying your product, and boosting your sales are just 3 of the 10 reasons your business should have an explainer video."

The Rise of Video Marketing on Social and How It Affects Your Business

"The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. Whether it's video on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Youtube, the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing on social for your business is video. Period.

"No matter what you're selling, no matter what your company does, if you don't have a video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose. And in case you haven't noticed, the platforms of distribution for video content online have shifted drastically over the last 18 months. Facebook is getting more daily minutes watched than YouTube, Snapchat's daily views are now in the billions, and video on Twitter has taken listening and one to one branding to a whole new level."

How Video Collaboration Can Help Your Organization

"Collaboration is one of the most important parts of remaining viable in business, regardless of what your industry is. Creativity and people power is what leads to innovation, and working together is part of running a company that continues to achieve its goals. Today’s tools for collaboration are advancing steadily and more accessible than ever before. Video conferencing is a great way to ensure that your team, whether scattered around the world or joining a meeting from their home office, maximizes their collaborative brainpower."

Here’s Proof that Video is Good for SEO

“If you want your brand to stand out in search, it’s time to start optimizing with video. Search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the last few years. Still, one effective, but often overlooked and misunderstood, component for any SEO campaign is video. Video is engaging, informative, and most importantly, rewarded by Google when properly optimized. If your brand has yet to incorporate video as part of your digital strategy, here’s proof that video is a powerful marketing tool and can work wonders in the world of SEO.”

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy

"It’s obvious to anyone who spends time online that video is taking over the internet. It is the dominant form of content we all engage with – on our desktops, our tablets and now our phones. And when video is paired with a continuous strategy and clear metrics for success, there is overwhelming evidence showing that it is a crucial, important investment for nonprofits.

"And so it continues to surprise me that nonprofits invest far too little in video content, as if they are somehow exempt from this general trend.

"One reason for the disconnect between stated belief in video and video budgets has been the lack of hard data about the return on investment (ROI). Video is cool, but it is also expensive (in time and money). It’s no surprise that a tactic with a cost is high and unclear ROI gets minimal resources.

"But we have reached an inflection point. There is enough data today to warrant a major investment in video."