Our friends + clients have been getting a lot of love in the press

Note: Zack shot this photo of Brant Dadaleares back in December. A wonderfully talented Pastry Chef, Dadaleares works at the much celebrated Fore Street and at Eventide Oyster Co., the latter of which was mentioned in each of the acknowledgements below.

Our friends and clients have been getting a lot of love in local press lately.

Eventide Oyster Co. and Duckfat were some of Alton Brown's Road Eats of 2014.

I was in Portland for less than 24 hours and I visited Eventide twice. And there wasn’t just one good thing on the menu. There were multiple, including the best varieties of oyster I’ve ever had (all from Maine waters). If you twisted my arm and made me choose one thing, I would probably have to go with the Fried Oyster Bun or perhaps the Brown Butter Lobster Roll. Who am I kidding, I’d go with both and so should you. Oh, and the dirty martini is ridiculous.... Alright. Canada might get mad at me for this, but [Duckfat] is serving some pretty serious poutine and Belgian fries. That’s right. I ordered two different orders of fries and both were equally addictive. Wow. These are good fries. Nice job guys. I look forward to more in the future.

Even more love for our friends and friends (The Portland Hunt & Alpine Club, Holy Donut and Central Provisions) and clients (Duckfat, Eventide, and Piccolo) showed up in The Boston Globe:

I started with lunch at Duckfat, where Rob Evans, who has appeared on the Food Network, and won the Food & Wine Award for Best New Chef, and the James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Northeast, cooks crispy Belgian fries in duck fat. I downed a bowl of poutine quickly, and then moved on to tomato fennel soup, and of course I needed to try the fries. So much for pacing myself.

“Things have changed dramatically since we first came here 10 years ago,” said Evans’s wife, Nancy Pugh. “It’s just exploded. The quality of restaurants in this town is so good that it’s a high bar for anyone who wants to open a place now.”

Eventide was recognized in the Eater 38:

This nonstop-crowded bar opened two years ago in Portland, specializing in Maine's other seafood star.

And speaking of Eater, Eventide, Hugo's, Duckfat and Piccolo were recently acknowledged by Eater Maine as some of the best restaurants in Maine:

"[Eventide offers] what may be the state's most innovative lobster roll."

"[The wait at Duckfat], "almost guaranteed, will be well worth it."

"[Hugo's Restaurant] provides a fine dining experience rivaled by few in the city."

"[At Piccolo] Damian Sansonetti puts his spin on country Italian food while his wife, Ilma Lopez, elevates traditional desserts with advanced techniques in an intimate setting befitting of the name."

We are so proud to know and work with all of these great folks. We look forward to showing off even more great collaborations in 2015.