Check out the documentary we produced for Dirigo Capital Advisors


We made this short documentary about the history of the old Maine General building in Augusta. We were commissioned to do so by Dirigo Capital Advisors, the development firm that bought the building upon the departure of the hospital.

The project was unique in that, with the exception of asking that we acknowledge the rationale for their development project at the end, DCA gave us total freedom to create this in whichever way we wanted. The building has since become Ballard Center, a commercial office center. Coincidentally, Alex Steed, one of our partners, came up with the name, which honors Martha Ballard, the famous Maine nurse immortalized by her diaries about her work.

We are so grateful to so many people, including (but not limited to) Kevin Mattson, Ali Clair, and the rest of the Dirigo Capital Advisors team, Earle Shettleworth of Maine Historic Preservation Commission, Beth Taylor of Longstocking Design, and everyone who made an appearance in the documentary.