Spending time with Baxter Brewing Company and Clynk

We recently partnered with The SOAP Group to produce a couple of shorts highlighting the sustainability efforts of local businesses for NBC's "Green is Universal" week. Last week we visited Baxter Brewing Co. and yesterday we spent time at CLYNK. We look forward to showing off these videos when NBC airs them in a couple of weeks.

We had already known about Baxter's efforts, and have been big admirers of what they are doing. This was my first time at Clynk though, and we were really awed by what they are doing. It was fascinating to see that partially by taking some of the steps out of returnables easier, they have helped to create a 5-fold increase in redemption at some of their locations. They also produce a good deal of information for the user that shows to them what environmental damages they are ultimately offsetting by redeeming their bottles. It is an incredibly fascinating operation and it is revelatory about what can be done by providing people more autonomy and data regarding their processes of consumption.