A Night with BGIM: A discussion on race, class and life

A Night with BGIM: A discussion on race, class and life

Rarely do we hold space with people outside of our digital or academic worlds to discuss the uncomfortable... race, class, and the “isms”. To touch the uncomfortable is to look within ourselves and ask the questions that we have been taught are not for public viewing. Yet to create systemic change requires a willingness to ask ourselves and others the uncomfortable discussions. It requires laying ourselves bare and showing ourselves as the ability to truly see those around us. 

Writer, blogger, and antiracism activist Shay Stewart-Bouley will facilitate a two hour discussion on the intersections of race and class. Drawing on her own journey as a Black woman who hold multiple identities, Shay uses her experiences as a springboard to lead others on their own journey. This discussion is meant to be accessible, decidedly un-academic and very real. We aren't going to solve all that ails our society in two hours but we will start a discussion that people can carry over into their everyday life.

Thursday, March 24
6 - 8p
24 Free St. 101B [Spring Street lot entrance]
Portland, ME

NOTE: Entry is free, but space is extraordinarily limited. Folks who do not register will not be admitted.


Shay Stuart-Bouley

Black Girl in Maine, also known as BGIM, is a Chicago-born, Chicago-raised chick by the name of Shay Stewart-Bouley who was forcibly relocated to Maine in 2002. A graduate of both DePaul University and Antioch University New England; Shay currently earns her daily bread by working as the Executive Director of Community Change Inc., a 48 year old civil rights organization in Boston, MA that has been educating and organizing for racial equality since 1968 with a specific focus on the white problem. Shay has been blogging since 2008 at Blackgirlinmaine.com and her writing has been featured in variety of Maine and national publications as well as several anthologies. 

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