We are happy to support Maine Youth Leadership

We are proud supporters of Maine Youth Leadership, an annual seminar for which one sophomore from each Maine high school is selected to participate. The 2017 event kicked off on Thursday and wrapped Sunday afternoon. There, students—each of whom are selected by their high school based on a range of diverse criteria as decided by that school—come together to volunteer, discuss character, bond, meet and hear from folks like Senator Angus S. King and more. By the time they are to leave come Sunday nearly every young adult has been so moved that they cry at the thought of being separated from each other, and MYL staff works with and challenges them to imagine ways to take the lessons and vibes that moved them back to school.

We support this program in a number of ways, from throwing fundraisers to do contributing funds and lending me [Alex] to the seminar so that I can give a bunch of time and serve as a volunteer staffer. We do it because I went to the program when I was a kid. Before I went, I was a kid with a good heart who was bored and so I did a lot of stupid things. MYL was the first place I felt taken seriously for being empathic and intellectually curious by other students and adults, not written off as "just a kid." My school noted a marked difference in my outlook and disposition. The change did not come because I was told or shown anything beyond the fact that I mattered and, if I felt disaffected there were things I could do.

I return, and we support the program, because this is an awesome thing to do for kids. It's run 100% by volunteers and nearly wholly by alumni who were served by it. But I return for selfish reasons too. I come back because there's nothing better than the energy of optimistic kids who are inspired by feeling heard and taken seriously. And there's nothing better than being with kids like this, and kids like me who aren't inherently optimistic but would benefit from knowing they aren't alone, that they have more agency than they imagined. That recharges my internal battery. To disconnect from the world [as much as one can] for 4 days and to just sit in this inspiration and be made fortunate by their willingness to share that with you—I clearly get as much from them as they do from the annual experience.

You can support the group here, and I hope you do:


If not, it's cool too. I just wanted you to know about this great thing that's out there in the world.

ATTN: THIS COULD BE YOU (Summer Video Production Internship)

What we are seeking:

  • A talented short-term teammate who has experience with video production; from cinematographer to grip, all levels should apply.
  • A video editor; animation skills a plus
  • A student or non-student of any age or stage of your career.
  • An interest in telling and sharing stories is a must.
  • A team player who doesn't mind helping out wherever needed.

What we are offering:

  • A part-time or full-time summer PAID internship lasting up to 3 months (negotiable based on availability).
  • A judgment-free learning experience.
  • A chance to flex your creative muscles by pitching and shooting stories.
  • A space to hang out in our office in downtown Portland, Maine.
  • The occasional taco from El Corazon.

What we would like to see:

  • A reel or sample of your video work.
  • Your resume.
  • A cover letter specific to this position (like, why Knack Factory?).
  • Knowledge of the Adobe Suite - Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop specifically.

Please email your information to info@knack-factory.com with subject line 2017 Summer Intern by June 1st.

Just a few examples of how much fun we have (but really, we do):

Shooting Scallops off the coast of Maine

"Maine, it seems to me, was founded around fishing. A lot of the communities that were fishing communities are now retirement communities and we gotta fight that as long as we can."

We loved having the opportunity to talk with Alex Todd.

We have partnered with Maine Coast Fishermen's Association to produce a series of videos (lots of awesome videos) that will share untold stories about our fisheries.

Dark Tiers

Sometimes a client will—bafflingly—give you the freedom to help produce their story employing science fiction film motifs from the 70s and 80s. And they'll be so psyched about making the project happen that they'll be partners in making it great.  

And sometimes, by some magic, the project just so happens to launch on the day everyone celebrates the most iconic franchise of that era. Bonkers.  

Many thanks to John Rooks and Justin Jaffe of Rapport for inviting Knack Factory to go down this galactic road with them. 

And thanks to Jason Welborn of Welborn Design for his badass animation skills. Additional appreciation goes out to our very own Kurt Graser for designing the hell out of the sound. We are psyched all around. 

Adam Yauch

We are constantly thinking about, considering and attempting to honor our heroes and influences every day. For me [Alex], Adam Yauch was all of that and more. As the popular culture zeitgeist goes, there are few others who have emerged in the past 3 decades who embrace and advocate for love for art, humanity and irreverence as wholly and humbly as he did. I can think of few influences who contributed to my "do good / don't be a dick / support the arts" outlook more than the Beastie Boys, and it always felt like MCA was at the heart of that. Many thanks to our talented friend Masahana Kato for this beautifully drawn tribute.

You can see more of Masa's work here.

Speaking about it with Speak About It

I wish, when I went to college, Speak About It came and talk with us about sex, sexuality, consent and more.

There's something super legit and resonant about a bunch of energetic theater kids talking frankly about masturbating and all around sexual liberation and when sex is good, great, harmful and everything in between.

We had great deal of fun hanging out with beautiful group, which does exactly that.

CASTING CALL for babies, toddlers and Millennial actors/models [M+F]

Casting for online digital media for baby products brand. 

Rolls needed to fill: 

  • Children ages 6 months to 7 years old (5 - 50lbs, 19 - 57 inches tall)
  • Millennial aged Mom (32 and younger)
  • Millennial aged Dad (32 and younger) 

People of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Positions are paid. 

Shoot will take place in Portland, Maine between 2/22 and 2/25. Models will not be required for all days. 

For consideration, email info [at] knack-factory [dot] com and put CASTING CALL in email headline. All other contact will go unconsidered. Send photo of candidate and for babies / children, include approximate weight and height (for consideration re: which products with which they will be compatible. 

Evenflo Video Production in Portland, Maine

The last week of November we had the privilege of hosting our friends from Evenflo here in Portland for a crazy fun holiday themed commercial photo + video shoot.  Starting at our studio, moving around the corner to Pinecone+Chickadee and rounding out the week at Kurt's house, we helped showcase the capability of 3 different Evenflo products during the busy holiday season.  You can check out the final product here.

Meet Jonah Peterson, Knack Factory's High School Apprentice


How do you introduce yourself at parties?

Cool, calm and collectively... when it's a formal party. When it's with my friends I'm a goofball. 

What draws you to media production?

Every time I'm shooting something I get really excited or really focused, and really passionate about what I'm doing. This comes from my love to capture different things, and media production, whether it's photography or film, really allows for that and gives me the opportunity to capture moments, beauty, emotions, etc.

If you could give advice to a younger you, what would it be?

If you follow the crowd, you'll never get any further than the crowd...be yourself.

What sorts of things have you worked on in the past?

I'm young! Starting out here at Knack Factory, I felt really professional and official because it's my first time being a part of something like this... But, I have done some mini projects here and there that reflect my hobbies and activities.

What is your favorite movie?

Remember the Titans (only one of my favorites)

What have you been listening to lately?

Felly, a Californian rapper and musician

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

Travel the world and meet new people

Truth or Dare?

Dare, as long as I get 3 chickens because some dares are just too much. But then again, I am a daredevil and love to be adventurous. 

Meet Muna Adan, Knack Factory's newest Production Assistant


How do you introduce yourself at parties?

I make eye-contact, smile, and start what I hope will be a meaningful conversation.

What draws you to media production?

I am drawn to media production because I am a storyteller. I have always searched for different mediums to communicate the stories that linger in my mind and those of the people around me. I find media production to be a creative, fun, and a powerful way to convey messages. 

If you could give advice to a younger you, what would it be?

Be tenacious. Be resilient. Be courageous. Stay hungry. Do not allow anyone, especially yourself, to prevent you from becoming who you want to be. Do not allow your current situation to dictate what you can accomplish. Pursue your visions and achieve your dreams.

What sorts of things have you worked on in the past?

One of my favorite projects that I worked on was for my sociology class in high school. I went around Deering High School asking students if they believe that guys and girls can just be friends. I love those types of video projects because of the spontaneity.

I try to keep a camera with me at all times. I love to capture photos that convey stories without the use of words.

I also write a lot. Some of my greatest pieces come in the form of poetry—which is one of my favorite methods to communicate stories.

What is your favorite movie?

I cannot name just one. For the most part, if a movie is categorized as horror and/or thriller, I am all over it.

What have you been listening to lately?

The Holy Qur’ān, poetry, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work (primarily his musicals), and motivational speeches.

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?

I would split the money between giving back and providing for my family and myself.

Truth or Dare?

Dare. Yes, I am about that life.

[Photo Credit: Nathan Eldridge Photography]


CASTING CALL: millennial woman to host online product demonstration

CASTING for host in a promotional video.

Need millennial aged (ideally between 25 and 34) woman to host a video that will be used to promote a baby product. No script memorization necessary, though you must be able to engage people in conversation with comfort and ease. Candidates of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Shoot Dates: Tuesday, July 12  and 13th [all day] 

Please submit a photo to info[AT]knack-factory[DOT]com and put “KF HOST CASTING” in the subject. Those that do not do so will not be considered.

Casting Call: Parents, Expectant Parents, Babies and Toddlers

CASTING for baby products commercial in the Portland, MAINE area.

Need millennial aged (32 and under) parent (1) or parents (2) of children ages 6 mo. to 3 years. Expectant mothers and partners also welcome. Child also needed on set. All ethnicities, backgrounds and identities welcome to inquire. 

Shoot Date: Tuesday, July 12  and 13th [up to a 3 hour time commitment] 

Participating families will be compensated. 

Please submit a photo to info[AT]knack-factory[DOT]com and put “KF CASTING” in the subject. Those that do not do so will not be considered.


In addition to being recorded from the normal 3 camera angles at the Back Stairs Sessions here, Forget, Forget also volunteered to host our 360 degree camera rig right in between them during their recent performance at Knack Factory. We're psyched to share this unusual and captivating view of the duo perform "Back To Me."

Shoutout to Hot Trash: Portland, our partners in this endeavor, and series sponsors Terra Speakers.